Last Chance for Climate Leadership in Glasgow?

Already a year delayed world leaders will finally meet in Glasgow for COP26 this November. The UN recently reported that current national goals for greenhouse gas reductions are still inadequate, while also pointing out - along with developing countries - that the target for climate finance has been missed. While some optimistic notes are heard from for instance the US and EU on cutting methane emissions, several other large emitters have yet to announce new pledges.

What are the chances of a successful COP26? And how may the EU play a role in forging a grand bargaining on climate?


Moderator – director Think Tank EUROPA, Lykke Friis

Key note speech: What is at stake in Glasgow - and what is the EU prepared to do? Minister for Climate, Energy and Utilities, Dan Jørgensen

How to build a global grand bargain on climate – Director, European Power Programme, ECFR, Susi Denison

Electrification - a powerful road to Glasgow– CEO Danish Energy, Lars Aagaard 

Read Susi Dennison's policy brief: Climate of cooperation: How the EU can help deliver a green grand bargain

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