Denmark & Estonia - Still Close Allies?

Brexit has changed coalition patterns within the EU - not the least for a small member state like Denmark. 

Think Tank EUROPA has organized several webinars searching for potential allies for Denmark to replace Britain – from Ireland to Poland. In this final webinar, we turned towards Estonia and the rest of the Baltics. After the fall of the Berlin wall in 1989 and during both NATO and EU enlargement negotiations, Denmark was highly active in the Baltic region. However, in recent years, engagement has diminished. In a conversation with Kristi Raik, director of the Estonian Foreign Policy Institute, and Rafael Loss, Coordinator for Pan-European Data Projects at ECFR, Lykke Friis explored whether it is time to relaunch the relationship. To what extent can Estonia and Denmark still be described as closed allies in the EU, and in what areas, such as digital sovereignty, climate change, and industrial policy, could one imagine closer cooperation? 


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