A New Pact in Sight? Stability & Growth Pact Reform after German Elections

The webinar was held on the 10th of September

In a few weeks, the Germans will go to the polls. The national election marks the end of 16 years with Angela Merkel as German chancellor. Although European politics does not play a crucial role in the election campaign, all political parties have ideas about what should happen to the EU’s Stability and Growth Pact (SGP) after the election.

The rules of the SGP – set to ensure that member states pursue sound public finances and coordinate fiscal policies – were temporarily suspended at the beginning of the Covid crisis. The suspension re-sparked the debate over these rules. Specifically, do they make member states pursue sound fiscal policies, or are they a non-sensible straitjacket?

The purpose of the webinar was to address the debate, which will inevitably restart after the 26 September elections. Besides Germany, the debate will also play a role in next spring’s presidential campaign in France. What reform proposals for the SGP could end on the table after this super election year, and which should Denmark pursue?

Participants were:
Lucas Guttenberg, Deputy Director, Jacques Delors Centre, Hertie School
Shahin Vallée, Director of German Council on Foreign Relations' Geo-Economics Program
Jacob Funk Kirkegaard, Senior Fellow at German Marshall Fund & Petersen Institute
Sinne Conan, Executive director of European Affairs, Finance Denmark

The Slides to Jacob Funk Kirkegaard's presentation "A New SPG in Sight? A Danish Perspective" can be found on the left-hand side. 

Moderator: Lykke Friis, director, Think Tank EUROPA

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