The European Chips Act

The European Chips Act: Will it bring Europe centerstage, or become the side-order everyone regrets?

Global demand for micro-chips has exploded. Today a worldwide shortage of semi-conductors is disrupting supply-chains of everything from cars to smartphones to the gaming consoles that normally see a peak in sales this time of year.

This comes at a time when Europe’s share across the semi-conductor value chain has shrunk, leaving the EU dependent on chips from Asia. In addition, the havoc wreaked by COVID-19 on supply chains suggests that being dependent is being vulnerable, especially in a global environment characterised by trade wars and geopolitical power games.

It is against this backdrop that European Commission president von der Leyen in September announced a European Chips Act to promote European chips production. Proponents say this will give Europe its security of supply. Opponents say it will fail to guarantee supply, whilst making us poorer and less productive in the process.

This event featured a panel of expert speakers to discuss these issues, including: Kim Jørgensen, Head of Cabinet of European Commission Vice-President for a Europe Fit for the Digital Age, Margrethe Vestager; Thomas Bustrup, Deputy Director General of the Confederation of Danish Industry; and Greg Slater, Director of Global Regulatory Affairs at Intel.

Think Tank EUROPA in Denmark and the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) in Ireland were happy to welcome you to this event. This event is part of a project entitled Europe’s Digital Future, which is exploring the topic of digital sovereignty in Europe. The project is coordinated by the IIEA and is supported by Google.

11.00 Welcome by Catharina Sørensen, Deputy Director of Think Tank EUROPA and moderator of the webinar; plus a brief introduction to the Europe’s Digital Future project by Prof. Joyce O’Connor, Chair of the IIEA’s Digital Policy Group 

11.05 The WH’s of the European Chips Act: What is it, why is it and what about finance? Kim Jørgensen, Head of Cabinet of Commission Executive Vice-President Vestager

11.20 Is a Chips Act the right way forward? Views from Danish Industry. Thomas Bustrup, Deputy Director General of the Confederation of Danish Industry

11.35 Greg Slater, Director of Global Regulatory Affairs at Intel Corporation in Ireland

11.50 Discussion and closing remarks 


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